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This course will inform people that making their business unique will
drive sales. It is an introduction to the ways to make your business
different to your competitors, and so occupy your own market niche.

This course covers:

Product extension, Service extension, Market Niche exploration
Unique habit, Communicating the difference
At the end of the workshop attendees will have a clear understanding
of how powerful having a difference in their offering to clients can
increase business, and will have a basic knowledge of some of
the techniques to achieve difference.

The aim of this workshop is to enable
participants to gain an understanding of
excellent customer care and the impact
these best practices have for your
customers and clients.

The course covers:

Who is the customer
What is customer service
How to sell customer service as part of your overall service
How excellent customer service results in repeat business
Elements of GREAT customer service
Having a positive approach

Every business must look to the future to ensure that they
have prepared for the challenges ahead and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in order to keep the business alive.

This workshop will provide the essential business skills for women
in business who want to successfully grow their enterprise. It will
focus on empowerment with practical business skills that will enhance
their impact as a women entrepreneur. The workshop will provide the concrete tools and techniques to help analyse the business
and to use it to strategically shape the future of the business.
This Women in Business Workshop will provide women with
a development journey examining every aspect of marketing
including promoting the business on a small budget and
social media options – magnifying their results.

1st December in BEaT Centre, Balbriggan
This course provides an introduction to optimising websites
for search engines both within the site and externally,
using methods online or offline.

This course covers:

Key words and key phrases
Search engine submission
Links from other websites
Social media
In-links and out-links
Valid code
Alternates for visuals
Domain name
Deleting pages

This course is not about Google ‘AdWords’, which is, strictly
speaking, not directly related to Search Engine Optimisation
however, ‘AdWords’ will be briefly explained.
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The objective of this course is to familiarise participants
on how to design a user friendly, easily understood way
of costing their product/service.

Too many small business owners don’t know if their business is

profitable and can easily become busy fools. This workshop will
demonstrate how to stay competitive yet make a healthy profit.

Some topics covered:
pricing competitively, yet ensuring a return
different type of pricing model
variable v full cost pricing
mark ups v margins
how to implement costing processes
the importance of pricing /costing reviews
controlling costs
  1. Managing Director
How to use Email Marketing effectively.
  • Whether you need to sell your products, share
      some big news, or tell a story, you will learn to
        create email campaigns that best suit your message.

How to reach customers on mobile phones.
  • Send details of special offers, exclusive
      discounts and competitions via text message.

Online Marketing for new and growing businesses.

  • Online Marketing tips for using Google
       and Facebook successfully.

Learn why 50% of people leave most websites
within 8 seconds – and what you can do about it.

  • The big website mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • How to make sure your website is ‘Mobile Friendly’.
  • How to get more traffic to your website.
  • How to convert website visitors into paying customers
This seminar is for businesses (business owners and marketing staff)
that have a Facebook business page, are familiar with technical
aspects of Facebook page and want to grow business through
Facebook advanced strategies. This seminar is fast-paced and
information-packed, so get your pen and paper ready!

Seminar Outline:

Facebook Marketing Steps & Fundamental Facebook Marketing Rules
Best practices for branding Facebook business page
10+ creative ways to grow Facebook fans
Using the custom Facebook Apps for better results
Dashboard, Measuring and Monitoring
Edgerank and what it means to your business page
Content Strategies - what and when to post
Create more engagement on Facebook page
How to get leads through Facebook
Competition App & how to get x3 more from it
Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the largest tax liability which most companies incur and the largest source of tax recoveries on Revenue audits. Yet the people responsible for the management and administration of their company’s VAT liabilities often have very little training and little or no support.
This course assumes that you have no prior knowledge of VAT and introduces you in a logical way to how to calculate and apply  VAT to your business transactions.
  This taxation session aims to review tax issues to ensure
that you are in a position to identify where you may be
exposed to non-tax compliance & how to solve.

This course will equip you with the knowledge
and skills to understand key taxation issues.

Some topics covered:
​New business start-ups
Income and expenditure
Tax deductible expenditure & non tax deductible expenditure
Filing returns
Key dates
ROS - Revenue Online system
Tax audits

Presented in a user-friendly interactive way, with case studies used to
help make material relevant to small businesses and individuals.

This course covers:

The role of selling within marketing
Characteristics of salespeople
Finding customers
Personal selling skills
The ‘9-Step selling model’
Sales controls

At the end of the course you will have a clear idea of how to set up and nail that sale and how to turn customer loyalty into repeat business.
This course is aimed at small businesses, start-ups, sole traders and aspiring sales people.

It will provide you with grounding in the
basic principles of personal selling, will give you

an appreciation of the human behaviour
governing the buyer-seller interaction,
the importance of preparing correctly for

sales presentations and an understanding
of the 9 step selling model.
DIY Bookkeeping is a morning session that punches above its weight.
During the session you will learn techniques that will allow you to
assess the financial strengths and weaknesses of your business.
In addition candidates will develop skills required to
identify remedies for businesses in financial distress.

The course is ideally suited to small business owners who want to:

Produce figures about their business that will create financial control
Record the financial transactions of their business using a simple system
Reduce year end accounting fees
Create a simple system to record VAT

The course will be delivered by the author and creator of the
Do It Yourself Bookkeeping system - Mark Lonergan.
Mark Lonergan FCA AITI is a Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor,
who is a qualified accountant and accredited corporate trainer.
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