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Enterprise Allowance Schemes
There are now 2 different Social Welfare backed schemes which allow people start a business and continue to receive their Social Welfare payments.
​Click below for more detail on BTWEA and STEA.

The amount you receive and length of time

on scheme will depend on which type of
payment you are on and how long you
have been in receipt of a payment.
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Business Planning
We believe in keeping it lean & mean. That's
what you'll have to do with your business.
Business plans are tools to assist you to

get down on paper the key questions and
answers that will drive your business.

For this reason, we like to use a simple
questions and answers business plan
workbook which is available below.
Click here for business plans and forms
Apply For A Loan
Do you require a loan for your business?
If so, we would like to hear from you.
In conjunction with Micro Finance Ireland,
BAP can help you apply for up to €25,000.

The application process is straightforward and

you will receive a decision quickly. Any type of business may apply. Bank decline letter is not required. Loan interest is 6.8% APR and is
repayable monthly over 3 years.
Click here for info and req. documents
Enterprise Support Grant
There are grants available of up to €2,500
on Back To Work Enterprise Allowance.
The payment is made directly to the supplier 
the goods/services. You must pay a minimum
20% for each item you wish to apply for.

For each application, you must first get
approval from a case officer in DSP. They will
not reimburse for any costs already incurred.
Click here to download application form
Blanchardstown Area Partnership