Blanchardstown Area Partnership
Finance Clinics
Monthly clinic where clients can
speak on a confidential basis
with in-house accountant about financial matters.
DIY Bookkeeping
Techniques to assess the financial strengths & weaknesses of your
business. Develop skills required to
create solutions for financial distress.

Business Marketing
Challenges thinking on marketing,
discussing theories and practical examples so that participants
can gain new insight on business.
Pricing Strategy
How to design an easily understood way of costing their product/service.
Stay competitive in the marketplace yet ensure an adequate return.
VAT and Taxation
Identify tax issues and exposure to non tax compliance, how to solve and equip you with the knowledge
to understand key taxation issues.

Sales Strategy
Providing a clear idea of the
critical role sales plays in a business and the importance of proactively managing the sales effort.
SEO Site Traffic
An introduction to optimising websites for search engines both within the site and externally,
using methods online or offline.
Social Media
Information-packed seminars for anyone looking to grow their business through Facebook strategies and other social media platforms.
Customer Loyalty
Gain a clear understanding of
excellent customer care and the impact these best practices have
for your customers and clients.
Blanchardstown Area Partnership